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Friends of Pevensey Bay Library

A little bit of funding for our library

By Friends of Pevensey Bay Library Friends of Pevensey Bay Library

Sunday, 4 February 2018


Friends of Pevensey Bay Library Contributor



Some good news, some bad!

The good news is that in seeking initial pledges of £35pa membership to our proposed community managed library, we already exceeded what was planned as income for the first year!  In the light of this positive response, we are now giving publicity to this initiative locally, and hope to double the pledges in the next few weeks.  The library will of course always be free at the point of use but membership will offer discounts to the variety of events and exhibition planned. 

The bad news! On Tuesday Pevensey Parish Council met to consider future funding of our library.  Unfortunately they reversed their previous in principle decision to raise up to £12,800 through the council tax and instead agreed only £2,000 from their reserves.  We have now had to significantly revise our financial plan for a community managed library and things are looking decidedly uncertain. 

However, on 6 March ESCC will consider whether they will help with some financial support.  FPBL have submitted detailed representations on the need for a library and we hope this will encourage the county to continue to provide some annual  funding.

In the meantime we have several fundraising events planned.

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