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Friends of Pevensey Bay Library

Library Options

The county has decided to close Pevensey Bay Library on Sat 5 May 2018 but discussions are still ongoing over setting up a community managed library.

The county council has now asked for detailed proposals for running a community managed library to be submitted by 30 April and a decision on these will be made by the end of May. The are not offering any financial help at all, simply book stock and buildings on peppercorn rents. The four options that they invited proposals on are:-

Model 1 - That the community simply finds the funds to pay for the existing service (£33,441pa plus service charges from the landlord which fluctuate)

Model 2 - That the community selects some of ESCC’s services:

·         pays the cost of the building

·         runs the library with a reduced core stock from ESCC

·         pays for the continued public use of ESCC computers

·         pays for the ongoing charge by ESCC for new book stock (£1,500)

·         pays ESCC an annual management charge (£5,700) or daily rate for advice training etc,

·         operates with volunteer support to run the service.

Model 3 – That the community simply takes on the building, provides its own computers (including online access to ESCC’s catalogue), provides & catalogues its own book stock in the library and runs the service with volunteers.

Model 4 – That the community takes out a Community Membership card with ESCC enabling up 240 of their books to be located somewhere in the area and to which the community could add further book stock.

Friends of Pevensey Bay Library have developed a business plan along the lines of Option 3 - see details elsewhere on this website.. We are proposing four new computers, keeping the core book stock left in the library by ESCC plus our own stock, online access to our own catalogue for members as well as ESCC's service, fundraising which will go directly to supporting the library and community hub rather than subsidising ESCC, our own newsletters, a variety of events with particular emphasis on the needs of children and young people, and support for residents in accessing other local services.

We have asked  Westham Parish Council, Pevensey Parish Council and Pevensey Town Trust to help fund the library.  In response to our request Pevensey Parish Council has generously agreed £5,000 contribution to our proposal if our bid to ESCC is approved and Pevensey Town Trust have also responded positively.  We have a range of fundraising events in hand and a major grant application.