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Friends of Pevensey Bay Library


Support for Friends of Pevensey Bay Library as they launch their first tier core membership scheme

Hundreds of local libraries up and down the country have been shut down because of local authority spending cuts and we are now faced with this prospect in Pevensey Bay. Some communities elsewhere have responded by setting up community managed libraries with a combination of support from parish councils using their tax raising powers; membership subscriptions from people that care about the community benefits of their local library; and a small amount of ongoing support from county councils.

A small research team working with us has recently tested local interest in a core membership subscription to a new community library venture to be run by a charitable organisation which would be locally accountable and democratic.  And wow, what a terrific response! Membership to the new organisation would offer entry into a quarterly lottery, newsletter and discounts to events but the library would remain free at the point of use.

A total of 37 people signed up during just a few weeks of the pilot study.

See details of the plan and the history of library patronage on this link http://www.pevenseybaylife.co.uk/friends-the-next-episode-the-one-about-the-first-tier-core-membership-plan-that-could-save-pevensey-bay-library/

The events section of our for website has more  details of local fundraising events that are in hand.


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